The Boys in Green

Euro 2004 + World Cup 2006 Qualification Campaign Photos

Ireland v Albania, 7th June 2003

Ireland v Georgia, 11th June 2003

Ireland v Australia (friendly), 19th August 2003

Ireland v Russia, 6th September 2003

Switzerland v Ireland, 11th October 2003

Ireland v Brazil (friendly), 18th February 2004

Poland v Ireland (friendly), 28th April 2004

Nigeria v Ireland (friendly), 29th May 2004

Ireland v Jamaica (friendly), 2nd June 2004

France v Ireland, 9th October 2004

Ireland v Croatia (friendly), 16th November 2004

Ireland v Portugal (friendly), 9th February 2005

Ireland v China (friendly), 29th March 2005

Ireland v Israel, 5th June 2005

Faroe Islands v Ireland, 8th June 2005

Ireland v France, 7th September 2005

Ireland v Switzerland, 12th October 2005

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