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Damo Suzuki: Coventry, 12/02/20 Damo Suzuki: Coventry, 12/02/20
Anna Meredith: Warwick Arts Centre, 9th February 2020 Anna Meredith: Coventry, 09/02/20
Skabilly Rebels: The Thomas House, Dublin - 31/01/20 Skabilly Rebels: Dublin, 31/01/20
Awalé: The Tin, Coventry, 30/01/20 Awalé: Coventry, 30/01/20
Ka Safar: The Tin, Coventry, 30/01/20 Ka Safar: Coventry, 30/01/20
Mvnich: The Tin, 24/01/20 Mvnich: Coventry, 24/01/20
Tom Clarke: Coventry Empire, 14th Dec 2019 Tom Clarke: Coventry, 14/12/19
Ben Crosland Quintet: Coventry Jazz, 5th Dec 2019 Ben Crosland Quintet: Coventry, 05/12/19
Primal Scream: Empire Coventry, 01/12/19 Primal Scream: Coventry, 01/12/19
Agoraphobia: The Tin Coventry, 18/10/19 Agoraphobia: Coventry, 18/10/19
Dirty Sound Magnet: The Tin, 29 Nov 2019 Dirty Sound Magnet: 29/11/19
Gary Numan: Coventry Empire, 15/10/19 Gary Numan: Coventry, 15/10/19
JAY1: Coventry Empire, 04/10/19 JAY1: Coventry, 04/10/19
Skabilly Rebels: Dublin Castle, Camden, 20/09/19 Skabilly Rebels: London, 20/09/19
Death of Guitar Pop: Empire Coventry, 14/09/19 Death of Guitar Pop: Coventry, 14/09/19
She Drew The Gun: The Tin, Coventry, 18th July 2019 She Drew The Gun: Coventry, 18/07/19
Frank Turner solo || Jessica Guise || Johnny Lloyd: Coventry Empire Frank Turner: Coventry, 04/07/19
Feeder: Godiva Festival Feeder: Godiva Festival 2019
Reef: Godiva Festival Reef: Godiva Festival 2019
Frank Iero and the Future Violents: Godiva Festival Frank Iero: Godiva Festival 2019
Curtis Eller's American Circus, The Tin, 31/05/19 Curtis Eller's American Circus: 31/5/19
Stiff LIttle Fingers, Leamington, 28th May 2019 SLF: Leamington, 28/05/19
Eddie and the Hot Rods, Leamington, 28th May 2019 Eddie & The Hot Rods: 28/05/19
Saysueme, Tin Angel, 16/05/19 Saysueme: Coventry, 16/05/19
The Rodeo, Tin Angel, 16/05/19 The Rodeo: Coventry, 16/05/19
Wolf Suit, Tin Angel, 16/05/19 Wolf Suit Coventry: 16/05/19
The Undertones, Empire Coventry, 03/05/19 The Undertones: Coventry, 03/05/19
Neville Staple Band, Empire Coventry, 03/05/19 Neville Staple Band: 03/05/19
Diane Cluck & Wes Swing, The Tin Coventry, 12/04/19 Diane Cluck & Wes Swing: 12/04/19
Mario Bakuna, Tristan Banks & Wayne Matthews, The Tin, 06/03/19 Mario Bakuna: Coventry, 06/03/19
Duck Thieves, The Tin Coventry, 30/03/19 Duck Thieves: Coventry, 30/03/19
Izeidi Izeidi, The Tin, Coventry, 30/03/19 Izeidi Izeidi: Coventry, 30/03/19
Ferocious Dog, Empire Coventry, 15/03/19 Ferocious Dog: Coventry, 15/03/19
Paul Henshaw & the Scientific Simpletons, 15/03/19 Paul Henshaw: Coventry, 15/03/19
Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, Coventry 16/02/19 Frank Carter & Rattlesnakes: 16/02/19
Black Futures, Coventry 16/02/19 Black Futures: Coventry, 16/02/19
Fontaines DC, Coventry, 12/01/19 Fontaines DC: Coventry, 12/01/19
The Maitlands, Coventry, 12/01/19 The Maitlands: Coventry, 12/01/19
Skabilly Rebels, The Crew Nuneaton, 23/12/18 Skabilly Rebels: Nuneaton, 23/12/18
Skabilly Rebels, 2-Tone Village, 02/12/18 Skabilly Rebels: Coventry, 02/12/18
The Damned, Coventry, 30/11/18 The Damned: Coventry, 30/11/18
Johnny Moped, Coventry Empire, 30/11/18 Johnny Moped: Coventry, 30/11/18
Afro Celt Sound, Coventry, 24/11/18 Afro Celt Sound: Coventry, 24/11/18
Luna Kiss, Coventry, 2nd Nov 2018 Luna Kiss: Coventry, 02/11/18
Agoraphobia, Coventry, 2nd Nov 2018 Agoraphobia: Coventry, 02/11/18
Robert Cray, Coventry, 24/10/18 Robert Cray Band: Coventry, 24/10/18
The Mike Eldred Trio, Coventry 24/10/18 The Mike Eldred Trio: 24/10/18
Gavin Povey Band, Dublin, 12/10/18 Gavin Povey Band: Dublin, 12/10/18
SØNNE, Coventry, 27/09/18 SØNNE: Coventry, 27/09/18
Suzy Indygo, Coventry, 27/09/18 Suzy Indygo: Coventry, 27/09/18
FÜTUMCHE, Coventry, 15/09/18 FÜTUMCHE: Coventry, 15/09/18
MK1 Soündsystem, Coventry, 15/09/18 MK1 Soündsystem: Coventry, 15/09/18
Jake Bugg, Godiva Festival 2018 Jake Bugg: Godiva Festival 2018
Peace, Godiva Festival 2018 Peace: Godiva Festival 2018
Duck Thieves, Godiva Festival 2018 Duck Thieves: Godiva Festival 2018
Jimmy Kemp, Godiva Festival 2018 Jimmy Kemp: Godiva Festival 2018
Cradle of Filth, Godiva Festival 2018 Cradle of Filth: Godiva Festival 2018
Black Water Fiend, Godiva Festival 2018 Black Water Fiend: Godiva Festival 2018
The Unresolved, Godiva Festival 2018 The Unresolved: Godiva Festival 2018
Luna and the Moonhounds, Godiva Festival 2018 Luna & Moonhounds: Godiva 2018
Izeidi Izeidi, Godiva Festival 2018 Izeidi Izeidi: Godiva Festival 2018
Wolf Suit, Coventry, 10/08/18 Wolf Suit: Coventry, 10/08/18
Luna and the Moonhounds, Coventry 10/08/18 Luna & Moonhounds: 10/08/18
Rock & Blues Custom Show, 27/07/18 Rock & Blues Custom Show: 27/07/18
Skabilly Rebels, Rock&Blues Custom Show, 27/07/18 Skabilly Rebels: R&BCS, 27/07/18
Joe Dolman, Leamington, 23/06/18 Joe Dolman: Leamington, 23/06/18
Hannah Woof, Leamington 23/06/18 Hannah Woof: Leamington 23/06/18
Speak Brother Leamington Spa, 23/06/18 Speak, Brother: Leamington, 23/06/18
Rufus Wainwright, Coventry Cathedral, 22/06/18 Rufus Wainwright: Coventry, 22/06/18
Nerina Pallot, Coventry Cathedral, 22/06/18 Nerina Pallot: Coventry, 22/06/18
Biggest Weekend, Coventry BBC's Biggest Weekend: Coventry
Turin Brakes, Coventry Turin Brakes: 27/05/18
Wandering Hearts, Coventry Wandering Hearts: 27/05/18
Jalen N'Gonda, Coventry Jalen N'Gonda: 27/05/18
Catherine McGrath, Coventry Catherine McGrath: 27/05/18
A Hawk and a Hacksaw, Coventry, 03/05/18 A Hawk and a Hacksaw: 03/05/18
Corridors The Corridors: Melbourne, 13/04/18
Skabilly Rebels 23/02/18 Skabilly Rebels: 23/02/18
redfaces 16/02/18 Redfaces: Coventry, 23/02/18
Tin Angel 01/02/18 Tin Angel: 01/02/18
CMM Fundraiser 04/02/18 Coventry Music Museum Fundraiser
Rooted 04/02/18 Rooted 'n' Booted: Coventry, 04/02/18
Ruder 04/02/18 Ruder Than U: Coventry, 04/02/18
Lost the Plot 04/02/18 Lost The Plot: Coventry, 04/02/18
Nick Knibb aka The Archbishop 04/02/18 Nick Knibb aka The Archbishop
Danny Ansell, Empire Coventry, 04/02/18 Danny Ansell: Coventry, 04/02/18
Special Brew, Empire Coventry, 04/02/18 Special Brew: Coventry, 04/02/18
The Ska45's Band, Birmingham, 13/01/18 The Ska45s Band: 13/01/18
Skabilly Rebels, Birmingham, 13/01/18 Skabilly Rebels: Birmingham, 13/01/18
Skabilly Rebels 23/12/17 Skabilly Rebels: Nuneaton, 23/12/17
The Press The Press: Nuneaton, 23/12/17
Just For Now Just For Now: Nuneaton, 23/12/17
Roy Wood Roy Wood: Robin 2, 12/12/17
JOANovARC JOANovARC: Robin 2, 12/12/17
Jonny Cole Jonny Cole: Robin 2, 12/12/17
Callum Pickard & The Third Look Callum Pickard & The 3rd Look
Ross Darby Ross Darby: Coventry, 08/12/17
Love Cov Music Show Love Cov Music Show: 01/12/17
Neville Staple Band, Coventry Neville Staple Band: 01/12/17
Barb'd Wire, Coventry Barb'd Wire: Coventry, 01/12/17
Hazel O'Connor, Coventry Hazel O'Connor: Coventry, 04/11/17
Dreadzone Dreadzone: Coventry, 04/11/17
Public Service Broadcasting Public Service Broadcasting: 20/10/17
Focus Focus: Robin 2, 15/10/17
Shellac Birmingham Shellac: Birmingham, 06/10/17
Neville Staple Band Neville Staple Band: 22/09/17
GrassRoutes Leamington GrassRoutes: Leamington, 22/09/17
Skabilly Rebels Skabilly Rebels: 18/09/17
Westerman Coventry Westerman: Coventry, 14/09/17
He is a Pegasus Coventry He is a Pegasus: Coventry, 14/09/17
Toots & the Maytals Leamington Toots and the Maytals: 19/07/17
HE IS A PEGASUS Coventry He is a Pegasus: Coventry, 09/07/17
Jade Ward + Baz Eardley Coventry Jade Ward and Baz Eardley: 09/07/17
Skabilly Rebels Coventry Skabilly Rebels: Coventry, 09/07/17
Kate Nash Coventry Kate Nash: Coventry, 09/07/17
Badfinger Coventry Badfinger: Coventry, 09/07/17
Joe O'Donnell's Shkayla Coventry Joe O'Donnell's Shkayla: 09/07/17
Tom Clarke Coventry Tom Clarke: Coventry, 08/07/17
Callum Pickard and The Third Look Coventry Callum Pickard & the 3rd Look: 1/7/17
He is a Pegasus, Coventry, 01/07/17 He is a Pegasus: Coventry, 01/07/17
Specials Birmingham The Specials: Birmingham, 26/05/17
Toots and the Maytals Birmingham Toots and the Maytals: 26/05/17
Imelda May Birmingham Imelda May: Birmingham, 22/05/17
Rhoda Dakar & Lynval Golding Rhoda Dakar & Lynval Golding
The Comet Is Coming, Coventry The Comet Is Coming: 06/05/17
Chris Cundy, Coventry Chris Cundy: Coventry, 06/05/17
The Shires Coventry The Shires: Coventry, 25/04/17
Caprines Coventry The Caprines: Coventry, 22/04/17
Quarry Coventry Quarry: Coventry, 22/04/17
Izzie Derry Coventry Izzie Derry: Coventry, 22/04/17
White Lies Coventry White Lies: Coventry, 10/03/17
AutoPilot Coventry AutoPilot: Coventry, 10/03/17
Neville Staple Band Coventry Neville Staple Band: 25/02/17
Barbdwire Coventry Barbdwire: Coventry, 25/02/17
Roddy Radiation Coventry Roddy Radiation: Coventry, 25/02/17
McGoldrick McCusker & Doyle Coventry McGoldrick McCusker & Doyle
Estrons Coventry Estrons: Coventry, 17/02/17
Dusty Buttons Coventry Dusty Buttons: Coventry, 17/02/17
Amber Arcades Coventry Amber Arcades: Coventry, 20/01/17
Gavin Povey Dublin Gavin Povey: Dublin, 30/12/16
The Selecter Coventry The Selecter: Coventry, 18/12/16
Cohen Dublin The Beat: Coventry, 18/12/16
Jeramiah Ferrari Coventry Jeramiah Ferrari: Coventry, 18/12/16
Sleaford Mods Coventry Sleaford Mods: Coventry, 07/11/16
The Undertones Leamington Undertones: Leamington, 22/10/16
Buzzcocks Coventry Buzzcocks: Coventry, 18/10/16
Table Scraps Coventry Table Scraps: Coventry, 18/10/16
The Enemy Coventry The Enemy: Coventry, 17/09/16
April Coventry April: Coventry, 17/09/16
Sharon Robinson Sharon Robinson: London, 31/08/16
Charlatans, Coventry Charlatans: Coventry, 02/07/16
Buddy Guy Buddy Guy: Birmingham, 01/07/16
Tom Jones, Liverpool Tom Jones: Liverpool, 10/06/16
Pete Doherty, Coventry Pete Doherty: Coventry, 27/05/16
PiL, Coventry PiL: Coventry, 24/05/16
Skinny Elvis, Dublin Skinny Elvis: Dublin, 12/05/16
Elvis Costello Elvis Costello: Coventry, 09/05/16
Yolanda Brown Coventry Yolanda Brown: Coventry, 07/05/16
Tindersticks, Coventry Tindersticks: Coventry, 30/04/16
Soul II Soul, Leamington Soul II Soul: Leamington, 09/04/16
Neville Staple, Coventry, 2016 Neville Staple: Coventry, 05/03/16
Barb'd Wire, Coventry Barb'd Wire: Coventry, 05/03/16
YTK, Coventry Yorkston Thorne Khan: 18/02/16
TMBG, Belfast They Might Be Giants: 30/01/16
Edwina Hayes, Birmingham Edwina Hayes: Birmingham, 27/01/16
Libertines, Coventry The Libertines: Coventry, 19/01/16
YTK, Coventry Barb'd Wire: Coventry, 15/01/16
Rooted 'N' Booted, Coventry Rooted 'N' Booted: Coventry, 15/01/16
Rooted 'N' Booted, Coventry Rooted 'N' Booted: Coventry, 11/12/15
Roddy Radiation, Coventry Roddy Radiation: Coventry, 11/12/15
McEntire Schneider Kacirek McEntire Schneider Kacirek: 18/11/15
Lee 'Scratch' Perry, Coventry Lee 'Scratch' Perry: 31/10/15
Whitehead, Coventry Annie Whitehead Quartet: 22/10/15
YLT, Coventry Yo La Tengo: Coventry, 19/10/15
Roddy Radiation, Coventry Roddy Radiation: Coventry, 03/10/15
Vodoo Kings, Coventry Vodoo Kings: Coventry, 03/10/15
Florence, Birmingham Florence and The Machine: 19/09/15
Roddy Byers, Coventry Roddy Byers: Coventry, 11/07/15
AC/DC, London AC/DC: London, 04/07/15
Slaves, Coventry Slaves: Coventry, 03/07/15
The Beat, Coventry The Beat: Coventry, 03/07/15
Ruder Than U, Coventry Ruder Than U: Coventry 27/06/15
Quadrant Club, Coventry Quadrant Club: Coventry, 20/6/15
Tubba 3 Ply, Coventry Tubba 3 Ply: Coventry, 20/6/15
Gilad Atzmon, Coal Vaults Coventry, 10/6/15 Gilad Atzmon: Coventry, 10/06/15
Fun Lovin' Criminals Fun Lovin' Criminals: 03/07/15
McCulloch, Leamington Ian McCulloch: Leamington, 07/05/15
Undertones, Leamington Undertones: Leamington, 01/05/15
Sharon Robinson, Dublin Sharon Robinson: Dublin, 10/04/15
SLF, Leamington SLF: Leamington, 21/03/15
The Jayhawks The Assembly, Leamington Spa 22/7/14 The Jayhawks: Leamington, 22/07/14
Lightening Seeds Coventry Godiva Festival 6th July 2014 Lightening Seeds: Coventry, 06/07/14
Horace Panter, Coventry Horace Panter: Coventry, 06/07/14
Buzzcocks, Coventry Buzzcocks: Coventry, 04/07/14
Meskalina, Poznan Meskalina: Poznan, 22/06/14
Cohen Birmingham Leonard Cohen: Birmingham, 08/09/13
Cohen London Leonard Cohen: London, 21/06/13
Cohen Dublin Leonard Cohen: Dublin, 14/09/12
Cohen Ghent Leonard Cohen: Ghent, 17/08/12
Cohen Sligo Leonard Cohen: Sligo, 01/08/10